Fighting Epilepsy Through Music

Ever wondered how something like Joey’s Song goes from idea to nice, spiffy CD (or download)? The specifics of the album release process can vary from label to label, especially between independent (indie) and major labels, but the general idea is the same. You need the songs, you need some manufacturing (if you’re going to have physical product, anyway) and you need some kind of distribution. If you want people to know about the release, you need some kind of promotion, too.

Joey’s Song is a series of compilation releases, which work a little differently than ye olde standard single act release. Compilation – “comps,” if you want to sound really cool – can often take a lot of time, phone calls and negotiation to put together because of the licensing involved. The nitty gritty of all that stuff gets a little boring, and we certainly don’t want to bore you – so suffice it to say that depending on the circumstances, several people may need to give the thumbs up (and maybe even get paid) before a typical comp comes to be. Thanks to the gracious musicians involved with Joey’s Song, we get to bypass that whole part of things. These musicians are donating their tracks – often unreleased tracks – to us, which allows us to devote more time and money to helping kids like Joey and their families. The generosity of the artists is absolutely crucial in making Joey’s Song work, and they are really showing up in droves.

With that sticky part of the way, next comes manufacturing, and that is where the Kickstarter campaign comes into the picture. We can keep our manufacturing costs down, with the kind help of our manufacturers, but we can’t make them vanish completely. We’re hoping that we can cover most of those manufacturing costs via our Kickstarter campaign (which has gotten off to a great start). When those costs are met before we even release the CD, every single penny of each sale can go to The Epilepsy Foundation. Pretty cool, huh?

Want to help us get it done? Visit our Kickstarter page. There’s a video there that tells you our story, as well as the tracklistings for our very first releases (remember, we’ve got one adult CD and one kid CD). No donation is too small, and we’ve got some pretty awesome thank-you gifts on offer.

So, that covers how we’re pulling the songs together for the comp and our manufacturing situation. We’ll save distribution and promotion for another time. In the meantime, visit us on our website, Twitter, Facebook and of course, Kickstarter.


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