Fighting Epilepsy Through Music

So many people have donated their talents and time to making Joey’s Song a reality. How did they get involved, and what moved them about the project? We’re asking them each five questions to find out. First one deck, Tim Easton. Here’s what he had to say:

1. How did you get involved with Joey’s Song?

I was contacted through

2. Why did you pick the song you choose to contribute to Joey’s Song?

I wanted to put a happy song on there, a truthful, loving song.

3. What about Joey’s story resonated with you and convinced you to get involved?

Everything. The birth of my daughter.

4. Tell us one fun fact about you that might surprise your fans.

In my spare time, I paint pictures of guitars. Well, maybe that is not a surprise anymore.  Okay…I like to go to batting cages on the road, keep my game up.   I don’t watch sports on TV, but I am very competitive when it comes to playing them with my friends.

5. What are you working on now?

Two projects.   One is called Tim Easton, Since 1966 which is a solo acoustic record that I am making slowly but surely by the campfire in my yard here in Joshua Tree. The other is a rock and roll band kind of thing called Beat the Band and that is being mastered in December 2010, so we’re getting very close to having that ready.  Without a record company, things move at a different pace.


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