Fighting Epilepsy Through Music

So many people have donated their talents and time to making Joey’s Song a reality. How did they get involved, and what moved them about the project? We’re asking them each five questions to find out. Here, Robbie Fulks gives you a peek behind the scenes into his involvement with Joey’s Song:

1. How did you get involved with Joey’s Song?

Joey’s dad Michael e-mailed me with the request and the details and I was onboard.

2. Why did you pick the song you choose to contribute to Joey’s Song?

I really couldn’t decide what to contribute. Then I did a show of Bob Dylan Jesus music at a little club, a friend recorded it, and the performance and recording both sounded good to me — and absorbingly “serious,”  in a way that seemed right for a record that was attached to such a noble cause and devastating event.

3. What about Joey’s story resonated with you and convinced you to get involved?

The details of the project spoke for themselves, and Michael proved to be a reliable and gracious overseer too.

4. Tell us one fun fact about you that might surprise your fans.

I’m kind of into Bob Dylan’s Jesus music!

5. What are you working on now?

A song for Kelly Hogan’s next record and credits music for a sitcom. Guess which one sounds better!


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